Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I order just one sweet tree or chocolate box etc for a gift?
A: Yes you can.

Q: Can i get a next day delivery?
A: If you order by 11am, yes you can but call the office first.

Q: Can i get something today?
A: If you call the office it may be possible. You would have to collect or local delivery may be possible.

Q: What delivery company do you use?
A: We use Parcel Force for all our postal deliveries we have tried and tested many other companies. They have been the most reliable and best way to get your order to you in the same condition it was put in the box. All our parcels are fully insured with Parcel Force.

Q: What packaging does my order come in?
A: We gift wrap all our sweet trees etc with cellophane and satin/organza ribbon as standard. Postal deliveries additionally come boxed.

Q: Does my sweet/chocolate tree have sweets in the base?
A: Yes it comes in a clear perspex vase with a variety of sweets/chocolate.

Q: What sizes do the regular trees come in?
A: The following sizes are an approximate guide only
30cm from 20, 35cm from 30, 42cm from 40, 50cm from 60, 60cm from 70.

Q: What sizes do the chocolate boxes come in?
A: The following sizes are an approximate guide only
XS 15cm x 8cm, S 15cm x 15cm, M 20cm x 20cm, Oblong 40cm x 20cm, L 30cm x 30cm, XL 40cm x 40cm XXL 60cm x 60cm.

Q: What sizes do the chocolate boards come in?
A: The following sizes are an approximate guide only
S 13 inch x 13 inch, M 15 inch x 15 inch, L 17 inch x 17 inch, XL 19 inch x 19 inch, XXL 21 inch x 21 inch.

Q: How long can you keep the sweets for?
A: The covered sweets can be kept for 1 month. Soft sweets such as marshmallows may not last as long.

Q: Are the sweets nut free?
A: We have many sweets from many different manufacturers. It is with regret we are unable to assure you that the products that we supply will not have traces of nuts.

Q: Do we pay for delivery?
A: Yes, the charge depends on the distance or you can order online and pay a standard delivery charge. You can collect from Mill Hill NW7 which is free of charge.

Q: Do you have an online service?
A: Yes we do and you can also order over the telephone. Delivery is all over the UK.

Q: How can I pay for my order?
A: Payment can be made by cash, direct bank transfer, paypal, or pay by Debit Card or Credit Card through paypal.

Q: Are all the sweets edible?
A: Yes, it is all edible, including the glitter. The internal parts of the tree and vase are not edible.

Q: If I wanted a whole table of different arrangements how do I decide which ones?
A: We can arrange a meeting and discuss all the different packages or we can make a package up for you.

Q: Do we get to keep the dishes & vases?
A: Yes you keep the vase if you are buying online or ordering a gift. If it is for an event for a candy buffet we will hire them to you, we will come and collect the dishes at an arranged time. If you have any sweets left, we will gladly package them up for you. Anything up to a 60cm sweet tree or a lettered/numbered tree the vase is yours to keep.

Q: How many sweets do I get in an arrangement?
A: For example our round Chupa Chup sweet tree has 150+ lollies + sweets in the vase.

Q: Can we choose what colour sweets we want?
A: We will tailor make to what colour and specification you want.

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