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Sweet Trees

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We at Sweet Creations are the original creators of sweet trees.

Sweet trees also known as Candy trees are a speciality of Sweet Creations, we have been highly praised for our unique expertise in design of sweet trees using a variety of Chupa Chups, Flying Saucers filled with fizzy sherbet, ABC Candy, Liquorice allsorts, Haribo, Chocolate and much more!

The Sweet Creations team make bespoke sweet trees from as small as a 15cm to as large as 6ft sweet trees. When ordering our sweet trees a small gift size sweet tree would be 30cm tall. If you wanted to use the sweet trees as a centrepiece or an extravagant gift most of our clients purchase the 50cm tall sweet trees.

Sweet Trees have become a must have centrepiece at Corporate Events, Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Parties, Themed Parties, Award Ceremonies & Celebrity Parties.

Sweet Creations also provide outrageous creations from 6ft tall sweet trees to walls of sweets and much much more.

All our sweet trees can be made bespoke to dietary requirements. Sweets and colours can all be changed to suit your needs. Our sweet trees can be made from almost any sweet.

You can click and buy our fabulous large selection of gift sweet trees online. These sweet trees are suitable for gifts as well as using them for centrepieces.

We sell our sweet trees individually as well as large quantities.

All our sweet trees are handmade with care

If you are interested in other designs of sweet trees have a look through our gallery or you can contact us here for more information.