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We have had the busiest June in 4 years. It has been one sweet tree job after another. We have had an influx of online orders to large corporates to very big Batmitzvah parties.Our staff have been very very busy.

We worked with the company Grocery Aid to produce two fabulous 6ft sweet trees made of flying saucers and the bases filled with branded love heart sweets. They just looked amazing in the marque. The client said there was not a sweet left and they can't wait for next year.

We have been having lots of unusual requests the last few months. This has been great as we specialise in outrageous creations. We made a  large edible plaque of sweets for a boys party last weekend. the guest were amazed and the kids ate every last sweet.

We worked with a really lovely family this weekend at a prestigious hotel in Hertfordshire. We provided them with 70cm tall large martini glasses layered with various coloured sweets and chocolate to go on all of the adult tables.  The children's tables were lined with various kosher haribo sweet trees and multi sweet trees.

Sweet creations worked at top London kosher caterer last week making 20 large sweet trees. half of them in marshmallows and the other half in multi trees. Their theme was candy canes. so all the poles of the sweet trees had been made to look like candy canes. our staff also created 2 marshmallow topiary sweet trees in large white plant pots with large cerise organza ribbon tied around the pots. The sweet trees stood at three and half feet tall and were put on a podium.  Keeping in the candy cane theme we had to go to the venue and dress a 9ft tall tree that was stood on a 4ft podium with 3 different coloured candy canes. The sweet trees were delivered to the venue and put on posy tables around the marque, it looked like a sweet lovers paradise.


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We have had some very exciting news in our office this week. We got a call for Channel 5's Big Brother. We were asked if we could make 6 sweet trees in 3 different styles all to be in bright summner colours to go on national television late on tuesday night.

Our team created fabulous 60cm tall sweet trees. we decided to make them flying saucer sweet trees, marshmallow sweet trees and banana sweet trees, they were all planted in a base of brightly coloured layered sweets. The poles of the trees were in yellow, orange and lime green all with matching ribbon.

When someone from the Big Brother team came to the office to collect them, she just loved them.  She couldn't get over the amazing smell from the sweets.

We were very proud to have them on TV and online on the round up of day 34 in the Big Brother house. They were displayed on the big round table for a party. It was great for the Sweet Creations team and everyone else to see people enjoying eating our sweet trees on national television.
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