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We have been running some really great corporate team building days. I thought I would tell you a bit about the latest one we have run.

We arrived in Central London with a van full of sweets and chocolates. Our team set the whole room up to look like a candy store pick and mix.  Each person was given a sweet tree structure with a set of instructions.

We split all the staff up into groups of five. They were so excited and overwhelmed by the smell of candy in the room.  I started the afternoon of by demonstrating how to make a sweet tree, they were amazed by how many sweets go into a tree, and one person quoted “I never thought that whole pile of sweets would make one tree, I thought that was enough for 4 or 5".

Then it was over to the teams to make a collection of trees. They quietly discussed what there theme was and started to fill the bases, then they preceded to toothpick a large selection of sweets. They had never seen so many different sweets and chocolates. The sweet trees started to take shape. The noise of laughter was getting louder and louder.  The teams were having such fun and had let their imaginations go wild. We had sweet trees with letters on, Ones that looked like a swimming pools, union jacks, English roses and the funniest of all was a team that had done self portraits.

Each team then had to stand up and present their collection to the rest of the room.  A team was chosen to be the winner. They were so excited not only were they going home with their sweet tree they had made and a large bag of sweets. They had won the large demonstration tree.

They thanked us so many times it was the best team building day they had ever had.

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What a busy week already, I thought seeing that it is the summer holidays that we would be a little quiet for a few weeks. I was so wrong.

We have had a large order of 50cm tall black and white sweet trees with bowls of various matching sweets to be put all around the sweet trees. They look so elegant when they are all uniformed. We have supplied them with refill sweets for the bowls so that they are full through the whole day.

We have had so many enquiries for Black and White sweet trees at the moment it seems to be the fashionable colour at the moment.  If you take a look in our gallery www.thesweetcreations.co.uk/gallery.php you can see a few variations of our black and white sweet trees. We can make them with various sweets.


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